Gateway to the Great Karoo

We’d just finished a sumptuous dinner of oxtail with pear and polenta; duck, port and black-cherry pie; and a baked lemon pudding that almost sent us over the edge, and were paying our bill when Gallery Café Brent Phillips-White invited us for a drink to the nearby Bush Pub. We’d been in town for less than three hours, having driven five hours (thanks to N1 road works) from Cape Town to the little Karoo hamlet of Prince Albert, and already we were being invited for a beer with ‘a bunch of the locals,’ as Brent put it.


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Big in Japan

I was drawn by the glimmer of lanterns between the trees, the hum of people congregating, the scent of incense on the warm evening air. I’d just re-entered Maruyama Park, having climbed the hillside through a forest strung with the webs of yellow orb spiders and their hosts to watch the sun set over Kyoto – the former capital of Japan and the country’s cultural centre.


The entrance to Higashi Otani Mausoleum, Kyoto.

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